Friday, 12 September 2008


my mother is a mixed of arab+jawa n banjar
my father is a mix of bugis and arab+jawa
so me n my sibs = jawa+banjar+arab+bugis
ramai orang sekaranag tak kenal asal usul mereka most of them inherited all of this dari katurunan asal usul something that im proud of.i have no shame to admit that im a javanese or a admit is one thing to mengamalkan yang susah..honestly sepatah haram bahasa banjar pun i dont understand instead bahasa jawa is quite familiar to me.
Enough talking about the bahasa..even my mom don't really fasih cakap jawa or banjar.she just understand the bahasa it self itu pun tak fasih..
beside from bahasa our way of life still attached to jawa punya lifestyle and banjar punye lifestyle..from makanan until pakaian..paling ketara is makanan lah..but since my grandfather is banjarian so our style of cooking is a mix of banjar and jawa.
i am surrounded by mixed married people..i got a friend from my high school her dad is a mamak malbari her mom is muallaf from sabah that have a mixed kadazan+chinese.her cooking is influenced by both malbari n kadazan style.
Hari raya will be interesting when having dishes from both sides.something that must have in every hari raya.
find more interesting banjar n jawa food on my next post (with the pict i suppose)

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