Friday, 24 April 2009

*3rd = dari SP balek ke segamat then went back to JB on 16th becoz ayah sakit.

ayah tak dpt jalan..asyik terbaring je
2 hari lepas aku balek mama pun balek dr SP..
jumaat malam mama sampai
aku smpai jb kames mlm...dr segamat...
klu ayah nk jalan pun terdengkot-dengkot.
so hari yang mama balek they went to DR ibrahim the same DR yang rawat kaki saya...
DR ibrahim diagnose that ayah punye spine ade slip..
jadi ayah kena cepat2 buat treatment utk elakkan dari lumpuh..
so td ptg lepas abes paper channel NNIS (adik) sms ckp ayah dh masuk wad..
later that evening mama call and tell all the story pasal ayah naik ambulance to pakar puteri utk buat bone scan..tomorrow ayah akan g spital lagi buat treatment..
hope ayah cepat sihat...
eventhough im not daddy's daughter tp i still love him...nice or bad he still my dad...
i remember an sms i received a few days before...went i on my way to sit for my first final exam.
he wrote:
"good luck ayah know u can do it
ayah akan doakan ellie berjaya"

i nearly cry because this is the first time he sent sms more than 1 words to me..
usually every sms sent by me will be reply with short reply such as "k" or 'OK'

eventhough recently i heard that he asked permission from my mother to marry another wife...
i mom doesn't care but she ask ayah to ask us his children whether we agreed...
he said that 'NNIS' will surely bangkang 100%..
i don't mind as long as the ice box is full with goods..
i got monthly allowance from him and same goes to my siblings..then he can marry..
if he can't give there is no chance...

no matter what happened ayah still ayah yang kakak syg...

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