Wednesday, 17 June 2009

He cheated on me!!!!!

Well i know that it's not good to jump into conclusion...
But real things that happen in front of my eyes will not lie to what i feel..

situation: In watson Jusco Tebrau (waiting for muvie on 9.10pm)

Just trying the new cat eyes Maybelline Mascara n suddenly a guy n a girl wearing Jusco uniform at my right side are laughing together intimately.

Once i turn my head i saw a man that i have known for 5 years..after a glimpse of them he suddenly took off..
i don't know where he go but he went quickly like to avoid me..
after a while i saw he comin back to the Watson n ask the gurl to pay n the best part is he pay for the gurl...

once they walking out the Watson I decided to follow them..
once I'm nearer i saw the gurl kinda hugging him..
at that time i felt that i just fall from level 13 buiding..
i come through them n said something...

"bestnya dating time keje eh??bile ajak dating takde masa n busy"
with cool face he reply...
"mengular..mengular ni mengular nama nya"

n i only can pinch him..i try to slap him but seriously I can't i don't know hand are shaking like h**l....

after the incident i continue our main purpose of being there...watching muvie...
having a great ladies night...

situation: parking lot jusco tebrau..

On the way to go back home..
in the mean time i was waiting for atie while she pay for the parking tiket it was a long queue
n i keep thinking about atie suggestion earlier to search for his car n wait for him and ask for his explanation..
n indeed i do..
we go n search for his car..btw i don't really memorise his flat num..
n thank god...i saw him trying to help his colleague to open her car without car keys..
n i waited for him..waiting waiting..
we discuss in his car..with the kakak yg tak dpt buka kereta dia n dia nk hantar balek..
we argue a bit..firstly he was quite quiet...
later he tell that he has nothing to explain..
but later he admit that she is his scandal...
n that gurl is a wife with 3 kids..
he tell me that he will explain later...
i do not trust him at first....
but later i ask him to look straight to my eyes n tell me the truth..
i started to trust him a bit not fully trust..

but later when i arrived home i just cannot accept his explanation...
he said he just helping that gurl by giving attention.because the gurl have problem with her husband..

he said i do know that he like to help others..but ever he thought of helping me???
he have the time to giving atttention to that gurl, giving love n affection but why not me??
I'm his gf...n i never get his full attention...
do all mens are jerk??..
they are not but they do not learn from mistake n never try understand women heart..

for him...Syg i know i am not the same person u know me before..
i have change majorly n minor...
but it is not reasons for my love to change..
n my heart n my love still the same...
whether we belong together or not it is in god hands..
if u think that never will anyone understand u just trust that i understand u..
really really understand u..
but please don't make me feel that i am an idiot by trusting your words if u intend to lie to me..
I hope u read this..but i know u never because u don't know bout this..
n i will n just keep understand u learn to know u..

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