Sunday, 25 October 2009

photo raya yg terlambat....(atok & cicitnya)

The Family Portrait

The Extra Family Portrait

My atok with his first great grandchild = cicit!!!!!

mama dukung cucu first!!!OMG...
jgn dia ckp teringin nk cucu sendiri sudah.....:p

'Aunty yus' lah nenek paling "GRAND"

*psst... so helman panggil grandma tau!!!(talking to that little nephew of mine)

me & nnis = we are aunties now...
*helman panggil aunty elly n aunty nnis tau...makcik???its a big no no ok...

***other pict have been upload in my FB n NNIS FB

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Anonymous said...

Since when my nephew changed his name..Elman la dear. Helman sounds so Javanese. Oh, I forgot the fact that we are half-java. LOL