Saturday, 27 February 2010


tHaNkS tO aLL tHe WiShEs fRoM:
Mr Boyfie
Siti Athirah
Shaleena Melisa
Wai Theng
Siti Noor Layla
Khairunnisa amir
Nurul Aien
Wanie Aman
Elza Dzahari
Heidi Harris
Mysara Masrie
Mohd Khairil Wan Khalid
Dura Aminuddin
Mohd Haziq
Kate Khan

Thanks to kate for advance wish 2 days before the birthday..

my Mr Boyfie....thanks coz become the first person wish me tepat kul 12 am
2nd person in line is ATIE my best friends my soulmate my partner my sparks during gloomy day

3rd is shaleen thru SMS my school best friends
4th is my mom n there goes the list...

thanks coz remember the date.

p/s: btw im working on my birthday hehehehe no feelings at all..feel like not my birthday at all.

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