Monday, 22 December 2008

Welcome to the 20 company...

21/12/08 genap my sis 20yo...hehe dah tua..(maknanya aku lg tua)
my sis yang tgh baju putih
so i made a plan untuk celebrate bday dia
unfortunately yang lain tak dpt dtg..
so its 3 of us
from left> atie, nnis (bday gurl) n me.

we start by going to jusco tebrau on 11 o'clock dah arrive
bli tiket tgk histeria on 1pm n cicakman2 on 3.30 pm.
after buying tickets nnis choose the place to eat.
she choose nandos. n i surprised her by buying 3 different slice of cakes from secret recipe.
n ask the nandos people to arrange the cake n lite up the candle.
n they also sing bday song to her.
so here the pict.

touc up in the toilet

the birtdaycake-candle-blowing session
suap menyuap session also

the first movie = histeria in the theatre1
2nd movie = cicakman2 in theatre 2

lastly we went to the pc fair in PERSADA to buy
1 = ext hdd
2 = anti virus
3 = new pendrive

thats all
waiting for invitation to hang out with
shaleen,sop n efa

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Lovers said...

elly..kem salam shaleen ..lm gle tak jmpe die