Sunday, 16 November 2008

having my own time... :-)

having my sweet alone time...
where am i rigt now????
in batu pahat in mamal stall in carrefour at this time 6.37.
ordering a plate of "roti sardin and a cup of mocha ice blended sitting alone beside my lappie n on9
this mamak stall have free wifi..hehehe
maybe tomorrow i'll be back to jb because now rite now i'm accompany my granmom..
what an angel ami right??hehe sure!!!i love my grandmom and grandad so much
i'll do anything for them.
even i who offer myself to drive them to bangi or kl if they had any meetings or reunion of any committee..

they are very active even they have long ago stop teaching..
whomever never saw them i'll post a picture the recent hari raya later..

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