Sunday, 16 November 2008

a new person entering my life....

firstly my answer is i don't know what i'm doing..
2ndly, i accepting him because he seen so sincere
3rdly, i just need somebody that i can share sumthing..
4thly to be truth there is no love sparks..
from the beginning until now

i'm not blaming my self & i'm not blaming all guys..
but my "menophobic" (phobia with mens) & phobia to a relationship..
sometimes i'm blaming my disability..
i'm no longer the girl with brains and strength but only the girl with brain but no ability.
i used to be a sportswoman
i used to be very active
i used to involve in the school sports
i used to represent my school my college to sports tournament..
i used to be the goldmedalist of tenpin-bowling and other filed sports..
now i'm nothing more than just a burden to mama n ayah..
how am i supposed to trust men??
do they really have a pure heart??
don't ever teach me regarding relationship..
i have long sad story of relationship..
if i tell you...
you will be crying like a baby..but still i'll never cry in front all my friends
all my strength is people around me..
my friends are my strength and energy..
for them i smile..
and i'll never let them down...
because once i consider you my friends i'll always get your back..
thanks a million to friends in hard times and happy times...


izzaty said...

Dear Elly..
We were given: Two hands to hold. To legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find..

izzaty said...

anda telah di tag..sila cek blog saya.. :D

chezzem said...

oii oii.. ade bf!!


ellie, look on the positive side. don't take your disability as a kekurangan but as something special Allah gave you which is satu kelebihan :) kalau kau betol2 nak jadik the 'old' Ellie, sure can. But you have to be strong! And I know you can! You were never became a burden to anyone.

Every person has different stories on how they cope with their life. How the found their significant other. And one should never gave up and stop trying.

Past thought us to be extra careful in every step we take, in every choice we made. Memang banyak lelaki yang tak elok kat dunia nih tapi diselit2 tue sure ade yang baik untuk kita :) All we have to do is be patient and give him a chance.

I'll always be with you. Don't worry kay ;)