Thursday, 20 November 2008

start a new life babe!!!!!

as the quote said...i'm starting a new life..
being busy all day...and keep my mind of anything that can make me think of negative thoughts..
helping mama handling the job and her employees in MMHE..
drive here and there to bank..
factoring in cimb..
cash kan cheque..
check my current account..make sure it is tally to the statement.
ptg2 bawak atie biasakan driving = macam driving school gak..
aparaa ade lesen dah tak P pun atie still takut2 bawak keta..
but now dah ada class dgn cik elly atie dah confident dah..skit lah..
weekends...what shud i do on weekends..
kali nih nak cari duit lebih ckit..nak baking cookies and sell it..
i just want to make my day are the most busiest day....
just to make it memorable....
got to go to sleep
tomorrow office hour 9-5 kena punch card if not my gaji ayah potong rm10(if masuk lambat lah)

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