Tuesday, 28 October 2008

final exams!!!!!!!OMG

30th oct 08 - ctu553 ethnic relation (sejarah,sejarah,sejarah)
2nd nov 08 - mkt547 marketing communication (hellllllpppp!!!!anybody frm advertising field)
9th nov 08 - mgt543 Personal development (just finish the community service report)
11th nov 08 - Bmd 451 mandarin 2 (easy mah....)
12th nov 08 - mgt417 Information technology in business (en nizam!!!!tlglah be very gentle on the carry mark)
14th nov 08 - mkt 544 Internet marketing (PM KAMEL hope fully tak very strict on the marking)

i had to skip my convocation day because of the above mention exams...so it better be good..


Anonymous said...

mgt417 tu lah coz ak skrg nie..hehehehe (farah)

chezzem said...

good luck ellie! and get well soon!
aku balek jb on the 5th yaey! hehe

Ellie Syahirah Liyana said...

aku pun nak balek on the 5th nih
will be back in sgamat on 8th

izzaty said...

gudluck 4 final babe!