Friday, 24 October 2008


17th october 1933
Lahirnya seorang anak lelaki berkuturunan Banjar
Anak kepada Saudara JAMHARI & ESAH
MOHD. SAID diberi nama
That day is my grandfather birthday. so last friday mama, aunty yus and aunty zan decide to have a small party to celebrates "atok abah's" 75th birthday..
the dinner is sponsored by Mak Teh at Nelayan kat Titiwangsa.
Yang attend around 20-25 person...
1. my family = 5 person (mama, ayah, me, nnis & erfan)
2. Aunty yus's family = 3 person (Aunty yus, uncle muni & hakim)
3. Aunty zan's family = 4 person (Aunty zan, uncle syafiq@stuart, ayesha helena, aeden ameer)
4. Anjang's family = 4 person (mak anjang, uncle & the twins)
5. mak tok & tok abah
6. Makteh's family = 5 (makteh, Nurul, her 2 sister & maid)
The picture after the dinner....

the cousins....
from left to right
adlan, azwan, erfan, hakim, ayesha, aeden, me & nnis

my brothers n sister (cousins)

The bald looking 'matsaleh' guy is my uncle syafiq
(aunty zan's husband- the green blouse n the father of ayesha n aeden)

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