Friday, 10 October 2008

A long day full of activities n surprises!!!!

2-days ago i'm pack with activities...ada 2 more days to saturday where i'm supposed to finish up a community service project required by personal development subjek..pening2 even me, joe, zila, qistina all are in rushing kejar2 cari masjid and all sorts of are my tentatif for that day...

8am = Personal development (tutorial class)
class finish on 9.30 am

10am = mgt 417 IT class wif en nizam
(unfortunately he's not in

*there's an Marketeers AGM in noon i have to rush because i spent 1 an half hour in the lab to finish my website.

** on 11.30am = out of lab go to buy some food ruching back to room iron n change to baju kurung make up my hair-do n eat in half an hour..
...mission unaccomplish>>>>finish all chores on 12.07pm..

naik keta dgn aisyah g LT1 (attend AGM lah) with no attention to dtg in the beginning..
nasib baik the seminar PD (Personal Development kat tempat yang sama sebelah jer kat LT2..

*surprising news during th AGM...will tell latet.

2pm = already in LT2 waiting for the speaker.
Datin Paduka Sharifah Mazlina Syed Abdul Kadir
i'd the opportunity to take picture wif her..

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