Wednesday, 15 October 2008

In 1 week 4 tests 2 presentations

this week i have 4 tests

*Bel 402 = essay and grammar
*ctu 553 ethnic relations = 4 chapter (haru nak baca sejarah ni)
*mgt 417 information system = chapter 7 until chapter 11
*mkt 547 Marcom = chapter haru biru- yang ingat public relation, media strategy process, sponsorship kot, lagi entahla...

study....or not study....

*presentation bel 422 on research report
*presentation IM website and report

*depends jgak pada PM kamel yang rumours said he is merajuk*
8depends lyn dah balek dari jaga mummy dia*
fyi mummy lyn have been in coma before raya and recently baru jer sedar..
pity her...i give all my doa to your mum my friend..

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